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Edukey Education

We’ve been communications partners with Edukey in Fishguard since 2015. Initially, we installed a Category 5e data network to support a VoIP telephone system with 10 Grandstream handsets in their new office. Since then, the company has experienced rapid expansion and our telephony solution has seamlessly evolved to keep up. We've successfully migrated Edukey to a cloud-based VoIP system (overnight with no service disruption) and it now supports over 40 users across numerous locations in the UK and abroad. We've also implemented a graphical web-based application where reception staff can see the live-time status of the whole team, which makes it far easier to field calls quickly and effectively. As the offices have expanded into adjacent buildings we've further expanded the data network by installing data points and conduit throughout. We're the one-stop-shop for Edukey's telephony needs and our entire team has a deep understanding of the changing needs of the business.

Dale Sailing

In 2017, we were asked to tender for the new telephone system at the Dale Sailing Company in Neyland. In use was an older Siemens phone system which had been outgrown - making even simple changes to the system was challenging if not impossible. Dale Sailing needed a system which would support their ambitious growth plans and we were delighted to be chosen to deliver this. We replaced their handsets with Snom D345 sets and removed their 6 ISDN2e lines in favour of a higher capacity VoIP connection with call reporting and resilient failover. Now, changes can be made instantly and we've been able to bring their watersports centre in Dale onto the same platform to facilitate free call transfers between sites. We've subsequently installed a comprehensive HD CCTV system across numerous sites and have custom developed an employee timeclock system too! We love working with Dale Sailing and they told us 'We went to numerous other companies and you were by far the most professional!'.


We started working with Grainger Tubolt in 2016, when we replaced their ageing Nortel BCM 50 telephone system with a modern VoIP solution including Snom handsets. The old telephone system was becoming constrictive and inefficient, with calls going to the wrong person and no ability to expand the system beyond its basic features. We implemented a solution which has grown substantially since day 1 and has introduced features such as call queueing, call recording, remote offices, home workers and fax-to-email to name just a few. This VoIP phone system has helped to save thousands of pounds since installation, removing ISDN30 lines in favour of SIP trunking. Changes can be made quickly and with little fuss, and resilient call routing between global sites means that customers can always get through - whatever the weather. We also handle the telecoms for Interclamp's users in Australia and the Phillippines. In addition to this, we have installed comprehensive high definition CCTV systems across numerous sites to ensure staff welfare and security.


Having used Mobad in Haverfordwest for our printing and vehicle branding services for several years, we understand how important high-quality services are to the team. Sadly, Mobad had been let down by BT on a number of occasions with a series of service and billing issues remaining unresolved. This left them with a telephone system which did not function as required and important client calls would break up and often drop completely. For a company which prides itself on only providing the best results to customers, this was a huge problem. Having made us aware of the scale of the problem, Natasha chose to switch the lines, broadband and telephone system to us with clear expectations that we could deliver on what we had promised. In a few short days we installed a brand new phone and broadband service with Snom and Gigaset handsets, and have even expanded the system to include the new Mobad Midlands remote branch. They're also now paying 1/3 of what they were with BT!




Rice Plumbing & Heating

When Shelley at Rice Plumbing & Heating phoned to ask what we could do about her phone line woes, we were only too pleased to help out. We moved Rice Plumbing & Heating from a single-line, poor quality domestic system to a state-of-the-art, multi-channel VoIP platform. The business is expanding and we’ve been able to increase the size of their phone system with ease on several occasions. We’ve worked with Luke and Shelley ever since, and have set up features such as ‘on call engineer’ mode and an out-of-hours voicemail facility.

Anchor Guesthouse

We worked with Helen at Anchor Guesthouse to replace a domestic Wi-Fi system which was running a little slowly and broadcasting different SSIDs for different parts of this wonderful guesthouse. We designed and installed a brand new, dual-band system in a matter of days and guests can now enjoy high speed, quality Wi-Fi when they stay. We also provided a splash page design service to further enhance the guest experience.

Broad Haven Holiday Park

We replaced an ageing Meraki 2.4GHz Wi-Fi system at Broad Haven in time for the new season. Guests were complaining that their Wi-Fi was running slowly, whilst the park was paying over the odds for hardware licensing and an outdated profit share arrangement – not to mention that the support company were less than forthcoming with solutions to the speed issue. We worked closely with the management to design and implement a replacement network with 5GHz capability and wired backhaul. Our solution delivered over and beyond what we promised it would. We've subsequently installed a new telephone system and taken over all phone lines and broadband connections for the company.

Cwmwythig Cottages

We worked with Nia at Cwmwythig Cottages to deploy new Wi-Fi networks at 2 of their guest accommodation sites. Wi-Fi had previously been slow with patchy coverage, however our system is now fast and reliable – with the added bonus of having a custom designed splash page for users to log in to. We also installed a 5GHz wireless backhaul link between two properties to negate the need for an additional costly broadband line to be installed. We thoroughly enjoy working with Cwmwythig – another place on our ‘must-see’ list.



Tywi Dental Practice

If you've ever tried phoning your dentist at 9am on a Monday you'll know what a challenge it can be to get through. When Dr Emyr Daniels first got in touch with West Wales Systems, he was convinced that he and his team were regularly missing calls. There was only 1 telephone line at the practice and, if more than one call came in at a time, callers would get ‘engaged’ tones. Emyr was convinced that this was bad for business as it meant that new patients couldn't always enquire about availability and existing patients might struggle to make an appointment. We completed a full review of the telephone usage at the surgery and were able to make some innovative and practical suggestions about the best way forward.

Tywi Dental Practice now uses our Cloud Voice telephone system, which runs over a high-priority business fibre broadband line and supports a number of different handsets within the surgery. Now, callers no longer receive an engaged tone and are entered into a brief queue if there are more calls coming in than people to answer them. Different messages can be played to callers depending on the time of day or the month of the year, and the voicemail system e-mails new messages into the surgery as sound files.

All-in-all, the caller experience at Tywi Dental Practice in Llandeilo has vastly improved since the implementation of their new system and we are proud to guarantee that no caller to the practice shall ever receive an engaged tone again!

Stackpole Inn

The Stackpole Inn is a very popular, very highly regarded, Restaurant with Rooms in Stackpole, near Pembroke. As picturesque as it is, there was absolutely no mobile telephone service in Stackpole when we conducted our site survey – and, whilst this would be a good thing for some, Gary was concerned that his overnight guests wouldn’t be able to get hold of assistance if they needed it. We recommended and installed a Gigaset cordless solution with VoIP lines running over an existing broadband connection, so that guests can reach for the phone if they need it. Gary now has the peace of mind in knowing that his guests are safe and well looked-after, even when the pub and restaurant is closed.

Since becoming one of our telecoms clients, the Stackpole Inn has also turned to us to enhance and look after their Wi-Fi and CCTV requirements. Following a disappointing experience with another local supplier, Gary came to us with the clear brief that he needed somebody he could trust to take over the running of these critical systems and respond promptly when things go wrong. Thankfully, our office in Pembroke Dock is just on the doorstep so we're always on hand when help is needed. 

We also monitor key systems remotely to ensure they're working their best and can proactively handle any issues which may arise.


We approached Nexmedia in late 2017 with a view to them re-designing our website (which we love - thanks guys!). We were keen to review the broadband and telephony requirements of such an experienced and well-respected local firm and were delighted when we were chosen to take over the phone & broadband service in the office.

Prior to our involvement, there were 2 telephone numbers given to customers for sales and support calls and each line could only handle one conversation at a time. This meant that, if more than one person tried to call in at a time, one of them would receive an engaged tone and potentially move on to call another web design firm instead. We know how important it is not to miss any calls so we were pleased to suggest a Cloud Voice system with call queueing and a basic interactive menu for callers to choose the right department, as well as providing one easy-to-remember local phone number (01646 452451). Now customers have one number to remember and can quickly and easily get through to the right person, no matter who else is on the phone. 

As a web design company, it's incredibly important that the broadband stays online at all times and so we've been move than happy to place Nexmedia on a line with a critical 'Care Level' - meaning that any line faults are resolved by Openreach as a matter of great urgency.

Greenacres Rescue

We were thrilled to be asked to look at the telephony setup at Greenacres Animal Rescue in Talbenny. 

Greenacres is now the only all-animal rescue in Pembrokeshire with responsibility for holding lost and found dogs on behalf of Pembrokeshire County Council. Because of this, they receive an extraordinary number of incoming calls and it has become quite a challenge to handle the call volumes over recent months. Answering the phone all day can take staff away from the important tasks they need to perform in order to keep the animals happy and the team wanted us to come up with a solution to help reduce the number of calls. Add to this the fact that Greenacres is at a remote location with less than ideal internet links, we needed to come up with a robust and reliable solution which was fit for purpose.

Using our Cloud telephony platform we were able to implement an interactive voice menu so that callers are played information relevant to their enquiry - and are only put through to speak to staff if absolutely necessary. This coupled with us taking over their phone lines and broadband connection has helped Greenacres ensure they are in the best possible position to help as many animals as they can going forward.

We love Greenacres and are delighted to play a small part in helping them to help animals in need.