The best business CCTV systems in West Wales.

If you’re worried about safety and security at your business, a bespoke CCTV system designed by our expert team will give you peace of mind.

Crystal clear footage

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Your CCTV system.

Installing a CCTV system is the most efficient and cost-effective way to:

  • Protect your staff, stock and premises
  • Help prevent crime
  • Resolve disputes
  • Provide evidence when something’s gone wrong.

West Wales Systems are THE specialists to guide and advise you through all aspects of your new system – from planning to design, installation and maintenance.

Safeguard your business.

Your new CCTV system will be a critical tool to help ensure safety and prevent crime.

Your system will:

  • Use the latest in modern technology
  • Be robust and strong
  • Produce excellent quality footage.

Our experts will work with you to design a cutting-edge solution with excellent quality cameras to keep you one step ahead.

Protecting your investment.

CCTV systems need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly and producing sharp, clear images. 

With our industry-leading Support & Maintenance plan, we’ll be notified automatically if any of your cameras fail or become obstructed by trees or boxes.

We’ll work proactively to ensure that your investment in CCTV is protected, and our technical experts will be on hand to help if you ever have any issues.

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CCTV must-haves.

Your new CCTV system will be custom designed to fit your business, but we offer these great features as standard. 

Night vision

You'll be able to see clearly at night with our full-colour high definition cameras.

Remote access

You'll be able to view live and recorded footage from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

28-day storage

You'll have 28 days of footage as standard, but more storage is available if required.

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We design, install and maintain high quality CCTV systems for businesses in Pembrokeshire.

It's a pleasure having you guys at the business, nothing is ever too much trouble and we are really pleased with the results. We went to numerous other companies and asked for quotes but West Wales Systems were by far the most professional!

Your service levels are amongst the best I’ve ever come across, nothing is ever a problem and quality of workmanship is excellent.

I look forward to continuing to work together!

We engaged West Wales Systems to install VoIP phones and Wi-Fi across 10 holiday cottages and our main activity centre. With 400 year old buildings and multiple access points required it wasn't a simple job. But the team took it in their stride and we have not looked back. Our staff and guests are able to access secure and fast Wi-Fi with ease. Their out of hours support service is fast and they have been able to get us up and running again whenever (rare) issues occur.
Highly recommended.

Highly recommended - the team have a great positive attitude and are very responsive if you have any issues.

They provide exactly the right type of service that you would be looking for in your security systems.

Thanks all for your courteous assistance and professional attitude.

Dale Sailing

Paul Garnish
General Manager, Dale Sailing


Sarah Haden
Director, Clyne Farm Centre


Richie Barnard
Managing Director, Jenkins & Davies


Yes – certain models of CCTV camera can record sound. If you’re interested in this, please let us know and we can talk you through the options.

It’s worth noting that there are strict rules around when you can and can’t record audio, though. We would certainly recommend you undertake extensive research of the subject before deciding to deploy audio recording, with particular reference to:

  • The Data Protection Act 1998
  • GDPR
  • The Human Rights Act 1998

Our team are well-versed in the technical capabilities of audio recording equipment, but we can’t advise you on the legality of using such equipment in your specific circumstances.

CCTV is seen as a crucial tool when it comes to security of business premises. There are numerous legitimate reasons to utilise CCTV equipment although you do have a responsibility to follow the rules with regards to how the footage is used and stored.

Our advice would be to conduct your own research of GDPR, the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act to find out how the rules apply to you. If you are likely to be recording staff, it would be worth having a conversation with your HR people as there can be implications with regards to contracts or internal policies.

We generally supply HikVision cameras and recording equipment as we have found that they offer the best quality at an exceptional price point. However, HikVision manufactures over 250 separate models of CCTV camera and it is very important that the right model is selected based on the task at hand.

After your initial site survey, our engineers will design your system to include the most appropriate cameras for your location. Hardware will be chosen based on factors such as:

  • What is being covered
  • The lighting conditions
  • Available power and network connectivity
  • Likely weather conditions/exposure to salt water

The million dollar question!

Well – thankfully not.

Good CCTV systems are entirely bespoke to your requirements. It’s no good buying an off-the-shelf solution from Amazon and expecting it to work wonders – it’s impossible to say which cameras will be the best for your environment without it being surveyed by a professional first. So, that makes it quite difficult to pin down an exact price point and the final amount will depend on factors such as the specific hardware required.

With that being said, most installers such as ourselves will offer a free, no-obligation site survey and quote so you can compare pricing and choose the best solution for your budget. You do need to make sure you’re comparing apples with apples, though, as there will always be somebody who is willing to undercut the professionals by cutting corners – you do get what you pay for!

In the overwhelming majority of cases, planning permission is not required for CCTV cameras unless you are based in a listed building, for example. If you’re worried about this, you should check with the local council before arranging an installation.

You can find more information here:




Yes – CCTV cameras need to be powered somehow. We usually run cables from the CCTV recorder directly into each camera, and this cable provides the power from a central point.

Where this isn’t feasible, we can offer solar or battery powered cameras but this can sometimes be problematic if there isn’t much sun (in Wales?!) or when the batteries run out.

We can advise you on this properly during our free site survey.

Not necessarily. You would only need an internet connection if you wished to view footage remotely, to receive alerts (i.e. on motion detection) or if you want us to monitor the system remotely for any faults. If internet connectivity isn’t possible, we can install an entirely offline system but you’ll usually want a TV or computer monitor plugged in so you can retrieve footage.

Footage can be streamed live to your computer, mobile phone or tablet using the handy Hik-Connect app (iOS and Android). Historical footage can also be accessed this way.

Images can also be displayed on a screen near to the recorder.

Footage can be downloaded from the recorder onto a USB stick for saving, i.e. in case of an incident that you need to keep a record of.

Yes – to remain effective, your CCTV system needs to be maintained properly. Like any other machine, CCTV systems are subject to faults and failures and the worst time to pick up on this is when you need to review some footage to discover it’s not there.

Our Maintenance & Support plan includes automatic remote monitoring so, if one of your cameras goes offline or gets obstructed, our engineers can respond automatically. As part of this package, we also include unlimited parts and labour – so your system will always be performing at its best, without you needing to worry about expensive service calls when things go wrong.

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