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What happens when your back is turned?

CCTV is now commonplace almost everywhere you go – from town centres to shops, leisure centres to office buildings – there’s almost always someone watching. Although not everyone always agrees, the reality is that CCTV footage gives often indisputable evidence of a chain of events taking place and, in some businesses, this is a critical tool to have in order to ensure safety and to prevent crime.

We design and install High Definition CCTV cameras and recorders based on modern-day IP network technology. Our systems are robust, strong and designed to produce good quality evidence. Blurred and out-of-focus CCTV images no longer meet the grade for use in a prosecution.

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What we can do?

As a cutting-edge technology firm, we work with the latest innovations to ensure that your CCTV system is as clear, strong and reliable as it can possibly be. Here are some examples of recent applications:

Sharp Footage

Razor-sharp images ensure there is no doubt over who’s who

IP Networks

One set of cables for CCTV, Voice & other data

Storage Options

Long-term and offsite storage options for footage

Effective 24/7

Infrared-equipped cameras keep rolling in dark times & places

Monitoring Options

Monitor locally, remotely or replay past events.


Alarm events during motion detection


Rugged cameras for use outdoors

...and so much more!

Truly world class CCTV systems