Supporting local charities.

We provide modern and innovative telecoms solutions to a number of local charities.

Our expertise and guidance helps to ensure that they can focus on helping others, rather than worrying about having the right systems.

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We know that running a charity in West Wales is hard. Between fundraising, raising awareness and getting the day-to-day admin done, it can be hard enough to keep things ‘ticking over’, let alone find the time (or money) to improve your IT & Telecoms!

We’re working with several local charities to put our expertise to good use. You can’t be the lead fundraiser, main spokesperson and the IT Manager – so why not see if we can help?

Charities close to our heart

As the only all-animal rescue centre in Pembrokeshire, and being responsible for kenneling found and stray dogs on behalf of Pembrokeshire County Council, Greenacres receives a very high number of incoming calls. Being based in the beautiful Talbenny countryside may be perfect for the animals housed there but this does make it quite difficult to get good quality communication systems in place.

The team were concerned that incoming calls were being missed because their single line was very often engaged. This, coupled with the fact that a large number of incoming calls were generated by frequently asked questions, meant that staff were spending too long handling calls and this could have been taking them away from more meaningful work with the animals.

Following consultation over a cup of tea and biscuits, we came up with a plan to revolutionise the way that Greenacres handles calls. Using the latest in cloud telecoms technology we were able to implement an interactive options menu with call queueing, call recording and voicemail-to-email facilities as standard – all without Greenacres having to pay for expensive extra lines and without the need for any hardware on-site. 

Calls are now handled far more effectively and we’re able to help Greenacres gain more knowledge and insight into their call volumes through use of our in-house reporting tool.


PATCH is an outstanding charity which aims to help those in Pembrokeshire who are experiencing hunger and/or hardship. 

It’s a sad fact that more people than ever are calling on PATCH to provide food parcels, clothing and household items. In 2018, PATCH provided enough food for over 3,500 people – in the first few months of 2019, the demand had increased by over 25%.

As with all charities, PATCH needs their IT systems to ‘just work’ and for the lowest possible rates. Sadly, their previous telecoms provider was becoming increasingly difficult to deal with and had locked them into a long-term contract at a high rate. Coupled with the fact that a bodged location move left them without phones and broadband for an extended period, this left the team looking for a local provider who could take over and put things right!

Enter West Wales Systems – our extensive experience in handling IT & Telecom matters for local businesses and charities in Pembrokeshire meant that we were well-placed to look after things going forward. We’ve transitioned PATCH to our high-speed phone and broadband network and will now look after their requirements going forward. We enjoy working with the team at PATCH because we understand what a difference they can make to local people in their hour of need.

It’s only fair that the team should have the best telecom services to ensure they can help those in need.

If your West Wales charity could do with some IT or
Telecoms help, please don't hesitate to give us a call.