Legal stuff

Even us IT people need legalese from time to time.

To sum up our approach – we promise to do our best to deliver an outstanding service to you and you promise a few things in return.

For the nitty-gritty, please refer to our policies below.

Privacy policy


  • How we’ll collect your information
  • How we’ll use your information
  • How we’ll look after your information
  • Email T&Cs
  • Disclaimer for links to external sites
  • Use of Cookies & statistical analysis

Terms of service

This is a very important document which applies to every interaction you have with us. It includes:

  • Minimum commitment terms
  • How to terminate your agreement with us
  • How we handle the proposal and sales process
  • What happens when you place an order
  • Pricing
  • Claims, liability disclaimers and force majeure

Managed service agreement

This document comes into force if you engage us to provide services on a recurring basis. Including:

  • Commitment terms
  • What is and isn’t covered
  • How to escalate matters
  • Our responsibilities and SLAs
  • Your responsibilities and how to requrest support
  • Approved software and hardware

Recommended technology platform

Based on our technical experience, our recommendations for hardware and software which will give you a great platform to operate your business from. Including:

  • Core network infrastructure
  • Workstations & laptops
  • Software
  • Printers
  • Peripherals and Servers/data centres