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These days, there's one thing that no business can survive without - good communication. Our connectivity options ensure that your phone can keep ringing, your customers can place orders and that you can still get access to the internet.

Without communication, how long would your business survive?

We can provide phone lines, broadband, fibre, leased line, SIP VoIP and other connectivity services anywhere in the UK. However, we specialise in delivering services in West Wales as we know the lay of the land – physically and metaphorically. Our personal, physical approach is much better than dealing with a call centre thousands of miles away.

Our services are delivered on the national backbone (maintained by Openreach) but serviced locally by us. If you need to speak to someone about your phone or broadband service, you call us directly - not an overseas call centre. You’ll know the name of the person handling your issue because they’ll be the same person that you’ve spoken to before.

Time to bring your lines back home to Wales?

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What we can do?

Wherever you want your voice or data, we can get it there. Whether you’re thinking of switching one phone line to us or hundreds – we can help, and we’ll probably be able to save you some call costs, too.



Standard telephone lines


Digital phone lines


Broadband over copper


Broadband on steroids

Leased Lines

Dedicated business connections

VOIP Lines

21st century phone lines


Keep connected on the move


Wherever you need your data,
we'll get it there.