5 Reasons to Move to The Cloud

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Ashton Mortimer

Ashton Mortimer

From Instagram influencers to your local handyman – everyone can benefit in some way from making use of the Cloud. We aren’t talking about the things that make rain and ruin your beach holiday, we are talking about the digital Cloud! 

So, first things first: What is the Cloud? 

The Cloud refers to a vast and ever-growing number of secure servers throughout the world, connected through the internet, meaning they are available to anybody and from anywhere. In terms of storage, these servers allow users to store files online so they can be accessed on the go and from all sorts of different devices. You have probably been making use of the Cloud yourself without even realising it. You’ve probably heard of OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud (Microsoft, Google, and Apple’s Cloud storage solutions respectively) but there are many, many more, all serving a variety of users and purposes. Both domestic and business users can make use of Cloud storage for a variety of reasons. A few of which we’ve outlined below. 

  1. Cloud storage can eliminate the need to purchase bigger physical storage solutions – no more purchasing a disk drive ‘just in case’ and then having to buy another one because that one fills up. The Cloud allows you to acquire and allocate storage based on your needs. It’s that simple – if you need an extra 1GB, you just click a few buttons and you’re done. 
  1. The Cloud allows you to run apps and programs on remote computers. In other words, you are controlling a “virtual” computer that lives in the Cloud but uses the internet to relay what’s happening back to you, on your own computer. This means that you no longer need to install programs on your own computer like the old days! Many apps and services even run within web browsers, such as Microsoft Office online, allowing you to create and edit documents solely through Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome (or another browser of your choice!). 
  1. You can use the Cloud as backup storage for all your files, photos, documents and whatever other important files you need to keep safe. In contrast to an expensive disk drive that could potentially get lost or damaged, backing up to the Cloud completely bypasses the need for multiple devices, making management easier. And don’t worry, the Cloud storage people can also take backups of your backups, just in case! 
  1. The Cloud is also incredibly useful as a disaster recovery service, allowing you to completely back up every detail of your PC in case it breaks – not just the documents and pictures. This means that should the worst happen, you can completely restore the computer to how it was: lock screens, passwords, files, the lot. 
  1. And finally, it’s cheaper! As well as the reduced need for physical storage devices and associated maintenance and running costs, most Cloud services usually involve a relatively small subscription payment, making them tremendously good value in comparison. 

These are just five good reasons, but there are more! Storing your data in the Cloud may seem like a no-brainer but you may still have a healthy scepticism: a common concern is that the server could be hacked, leading to loss or exposure of data. In truth however, Cloud storage servers are some of the most secure servers in existence and are closely monitored and managed, not to mention backed up themselves. The reality is that they are likely to be a much safer home for your data than that old external hard drive sitting on the desk in plain sight!  

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