Are your CCTV images worth their salt?

Anthony Crowdie

Anthony Crowdie

We came across an interesting article on BBC News today about a county in North Wales where there are serious concerns about the quality of images produced by the town’s CCTV system. There’s some real worry that the images are so poor, grainy and out-of-focus that they are no longer useful in fighting crime.

You’ve probably seen it many times before – a CCTV appeal released in the press or social media where the image barely depicts a human being, let alone anyone you know! Take this as a recent example of an incident in Newcastle:

If you were given this image today and asked to confidently describe the suspect and what had happened, where would you even begin?

We have already this year replaced several ageing CCTV systems for businesses in Pembrokeshire as the image quality and field of view was sub-par in 2018. Modern-day CCTV cameras and recorders provide images in HD (High Definition) or 4K, wide angle and with images retained for as long as you need. We have one client who needs their footage retained for 3 years for insurance purposes and this is quite possible with the system we have provided.

Next time you get a minute, take a look at some of the CCTV footage your system is recording. Look for identifying marks and features on passing people and vehicles. If you can’t make out important details such as brands of clothing worn and car registration numbers, it may be time to look at upgrading your system.