How many calls does your business make & take?

Graphs of calls

It’s been a busy start to the year at West Wales Systems, and we’ve been helping more local businesses than ever to get their ICT systems in order. This week, we’ve been preparing for the installation of a brand new telephone system at a local business towards the end of the week. We’re helping them […]

What happens to my VoIP calls if my internet goes down?

Our service desk monitors customer systems live, 24/7/365

If you’re thinking about changing to business VoIP but are concerned about how a loss of internet access would affect your calls, we have some useful advice. The vast majority of our customers are now switching from older analogue and ISDN telephone lines to VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP has been around for […]

Does your guest Wi-Fi measure up?

Guest using WiFi on 2 devices

It’s that time of year again – as quickly as the winter gripped Wales, it’ll soon be Easter and the start of the tourist season again. I love this time of year. Spring brings such welcome change to our weather and lighter evenings mean time spent outdoors in Pembrokeshire – usually walking the coast path […]

Are you geared up for the ‘beast’?

Man working remotely during the snow

Another week, another heavily-publicised major weather event heading our way.  Depending on who you listen to, the rest of this week could either be completely normal for us in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire (i.e. – cold and windy) or we could be heading for a huge snow storm. Dubbed ‘the Beast from the East’, there’s certainly potential […]

Are your CCTV images worth their salt?

We came across an interesting article on BBC News today about a county in North Wales where there are serious concerns about the quality of images produced by the town’s CCTV system. There’s some real worry that the images are so poor, grainy and out-of-focus that they are no longer useful in fighting crime. You’ve probably seen […]

Come Rain or Shine (or Snow!)

WWS Van in the snow

It’s been a cold day for us here at West Wales Systems – we’ve been installing a new, state-of-the-art HD CCTV system for a client in Neyland. When we booked the installation back in January, we weren’t to know it was going to snow heavily in Pembrokeshire for the first time in years! Thankfully, the […]

What’s a cloud phone system?

Cloud Phone System

If you’ve been looking for a new telephone system for your business, you’ve probably come across a few terms which may or may not make sense to you. Cloud phone, for example. Or on-premises. Or VoIP. What does it all mean? Some clarity A ‘traditional’ or ‘on-premises’ telephone system gives you a physical ‘black box’ […]

Can I run 2 businesses on one phone system?

Different colour handsets

Do you run more than one business or brand from the same office? You’ll be surprised how many businesses do. Perhaps you have your ‘main’ business phone line and an alternative one for your website customers to call? This is quite often good practice, especially when your company goes by different names, as it enables […]

Why does my CCTV system need maintenance?

CCTV Camera

At West Wales Systems, we’re experienced installers of HD IP CCTV systems in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. We work with our customers to ensure that images captured are of optimum quality and that cameras are deployed in the best strategic locations. Any new system we install is certified by our engineers as being fit-for-purpose and our […]

Do I need new wiring for a new phone system?

Most Comms Rooms look something like this... and this is a tidy one, trust me!

If you’re thinking about changing your business telephone system for a new one, you could be forgiven for putting it off time and time again because of the hassle of having the office re-wired. Most of our customers had old or legacy phone systems before switching to us, with complicated and damaged wiring causing some […]