Business Systems: Are you making the most of your data?

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Seb Pope

Seb Pope

Any part of your business operation that requires an input and output of information can be an information system, from a filing cabinet to a simple pocket diary, to a computer spreadsheet. How you manage and use information directly and dramatically affects your efficiency, image and reputation, and results. Your business might appear to be coping perfectly well by just using that old filing cabinet and an Excel spreadsheet, but what if your business grows to five times the size by this time next year? Is your business scalable and ready to grow in line with your aspirations?

The combination of these information systems and process is what we refer to as our Business Management Systems (BMS). Our custom-made BMS can manage and put-to-use anything that you can store information about, such as orders, customers, stock, suppliers, jobs, staff – the list is practically limitless! This means you can improve or automate any processes and tasks that use this information, like creating bills and invoices or checking on project or customer statuses. You can use a BMS to communicate more effectively with your customers for sales, marketing, invoicing, and customer care by producing and sending letters, emails and documents at the click of a button.

Our BMS are tailor-made to suit your needs, so your system will only have things you require and not things you’ll never use.  Of course, you can always have things added later on, if and when you need them.  Our systems will help you provide a more personal touch by keeping in touch with your customers and helping you produce reports to give to management. Whatever your business size, a BMS will be suitable for you.  We can also provide ‘off the shelf’ systems that include commonly required functions if a full tailor-made route is not appropriate.

The results you will see from a BMS are immediate and numerous.  Processes that used to take hours could now take seconds, if you even need to do them at all!  A system can save you time, money, or as is more often the case – both.  You will immediately improve your image to customers by not only being able to respond more quickly to their queries and questions, but by providing them with a more efficient and personalised service.

In the end, data is everything and everything is data. The more efficiently and wisely you can use that data to perform tasks, monitor progress and performance, and provide a better service to your customers, the more efficient and productive you and your business can be.

A BMS we developed for a childcare nursery has enabled the owner to reduce the time taken to create more than 80 parents’ childcare bills from anything between six and eight hours over a weekend, to less than 5 seconds last thing on a Friday afternoon.  They can now spend that time at the weekend doing things they want to do rather than sitting at a computer.  They can also present all parents with up-to-date, accurate bills at a moment’s request. This is just one example of many that illustrate why giving serious consideration to your information systems is a fundamental part of running your business.

At West Wales Systems, we have years of experience across a wide range of business sectors, helping them put their data and technology to better use to streamline their processes. Why not get in touch for an informal and obligation-free chat to see how we could help? Call us on 01437 700701 or email [email protected] to schedule an appointment with a BMS consultant.