Can I run 2 businesses on one phone system?

Different colour handsets
Anthony Crowdie

Anthony Crowdie

Do you run more than one business or brand from the same office?

You’ll be surprised how many businesses do. Perhaps you have your ‘main’ business phone line and an alternative one for your website customers to call? This is quite often good practice, especially when your company goes by different names, as it enables you to answer the phone with the correct brand name and your staff will know exactly what to expect when answering the phone.

Historically, the way to do this has been to have a physical ‘second phone’ on somebody’s desk – sometimes even a third phone – and simply label the phones with the name of the business or brand that the phone relates to. This has been perfectly functional for a lot of businesses for many years, but a number of our customers have started to realise the benefits of having 1 phone per person and still being able to identify which line or brand is ringing.

We recently installed a phone system at Broad Haven Holiday Park in Haverfordwest. It’s a lovely site, just a few minutes walk from Broad Haven Beach and they also have great Wi-Fi (we should know – we installed it!). The team at Broad Haven also run a number of holiday apartments. Prior to the new telephone system being installed, they had a ‘main’ system in the office which had numerous extensions and was used by callers to the Holiday Park line. There was 1 analogue (traditional) handset on the reception desk which handled the calls for the holiday apartments. This worked well but we were able to convince the team of the benefits of handling both lines on the same telephone platform.

Now, when calls come in, they are labelled with the line name and both sets of lines have their own ringtone. Previously, calls to the holiday lets couldn’t be transferred or diverted elsewhere – now, the telephone system handles all external calls equally giving the team the flexibility to route calls as they wish, with other professional features such as voicemail-to-email being enabled at the same time. 

How does your business cope with different phone lines? Does it present a professional image to your callers, or could it be time to think about another way of working?