Come Rain or Shine (or Snow!)

WWS Van in the snow
Anthony Crowdie

Anthony Crowdie

It’s been a cold day for us here at West Wales Systems – we’ve been installing a new, state-of-the-art HD CCTV system for a client in Neyland. When we booked the installation back in January, we weren’t to know it was going to snow heavily in Pembrokeshire for the first time in years!

Thankfully, the disruption today was minimal (both to us and everyone else) – there was no panic buying and no mass school closures. But it got me thinking, what would we be able to do for our customers if they had to close their offices? How could we help them maintain their business from home?

Our phone lines & telephone systems allow us to remotely manage them, and this means that we can divert our customers’ phone lines to mobiles or other landlines at short notice. We can play a specific ‘bad weather’ message to callers or we can even arrange for incoming calls to be answered, handled professionally and have messages sent to customers via e-mail!

Although cold & miserable, today was a bit of a non-event in terms of business disruption. But, if things had got worse, how would your business have kept customers in-the-know?