Do I need new wiring for a new phone system?

Most Comms Rooms look something like this... and this is a tidy one, trust me!
Anthony Crowdie

Anthony Crowdie

If you’re thinking about changing your business telephone system for a new one, you could be forgiven for putting it off time and time again because of the hassle of having the office re-wired. Most of our customers had old or legacy phone systems before switching to us, with complicated and damaged wiring causing some extensions not to work at all. The thought of having engineers in to tear up the office, drilling holes and making a mess can be unbearable. The disruption of installing a new wiring system for an office phone system can be enough to put you off upgrading at all. But – this is a false economy – as your existing system won’t last forever, and you’ll be much better off upgrading your system while you have time on your side. If your old telephone system stops working today, it could be weeks before a replacement is in. It could be a total disaster.

We’re experts in installing IP VoIP telephone systems to our customers in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. We’ve seen it all – from systems with cables held together with chewing gum (literally) and extensions connected via a 300-metre long cable across a cow field. Most of our customers are pleasantly surprised when we tell them that it doesn’t have to be this way!

With the IP telephone handsets we supply and install, the connection to the phone is actually the same type as the connection your office computer uses to get to the internet. It’s the small square plug which connects to a network cable – sometimes called an ethernet cable. The clear plastic bit on the end is called an RJ45. The telephones we supply are clever in that they have 2 RJ45 slots on the back. One of them is used to provide power and the voice connection to the phone, and the other one is used to pass the connection on to a computer or other device. In effect, whereas you’d previously have had 2 separate cables going to each desk in the office (1 for a computer and 1 for a phone), you’ll only need 1 cable per desk if your phone system is installed by us. 

Imagine how different your Comms Cabinet/Room could look if you could rip out all of that antiquated telephone wiring. Think how much easier it would be to move desks, get new staff up and running and get phones to places you couldn’t before!

So, to answer the question – NO, you don’t need new wiring for a new telephone system, and in fact, we can probably rip out most of the cables you already had.