How many calls does your business make & take?

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Anthony Crowdie

Anthony Crowdie

It’s been a busy start to the year at West Wales Systems, and we’ve been helping more local businesses than ever to get their ICT systems in order.

This week, we’ve been preparing for the installation of a brand new telephone system at a local business towards the end of the week. We’re helping them to switch from an expensive BT ISDN30 system with an ageing Toshiba telephone system to a Hosted/Cloud VoIP solution with Snom phones. The business in question makes a large number of outgoing calls to potential customers, but their current phone system gives little to no visibility over how their staff are actually performing.

The person we are working with has told us that the business decided to work with us (and switch to VoIP) because of the level of transparency and accountability the new system will deliver. From day 1, the business will achieve a step-change in the way in which they go about their business – for starters, they will actually know how many calls their staff make and receive on a daily basis! For a business so reliant on outbound calling to achieve results, this is huge.

We’ve also made some custom amendments to the system we’re installing at the request of the customer. When staff make calls relating to certain campaigns or incidents, they will be able to input a unique 4-digit code into their phone handset which will log their call against the relevant campaign. This allows an incredible level of reportability never seen at this particular branch before, whereby supervisors and managers will now be able to determine how many attempts their staff have to make in order to get the desired results.

This, coupled with a custom reporting module we have created to send statistics by e-mail every hour during office hours, means that the company will no longer be flying blind when it comes to determining how their staff are performing.

It’s worth thinking about how you would go about determining how many calls your teams make and take on a daily basis – how do you gauge if you have had a busy or a quiet day, and how do you decide where to best place your resources?