How to Get the Best Internet Connection Around Your New Build

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Bradley Flood

Bradley Flood

As technology continues to grow, it’s worth considering your internet connection around your new build. The best time to do this is when you’re thinking about where to place your wall plug sockets. When building new homes, offices and schools, you could take away the pain of having loose cables or trunking by hiding them throughout the building. Installing network sockets in key areas allows you to connect your devices to the internet as you would a smart TV or games console, without relying on Wi-Fi. 

Of course, you wouldn’t need these network ports throughout the entire building; careful planning would see them only installed in the best locations. Consideration needs to be given to deciding where would be suitable to place the ports and we can advise and suggest locations to help make the process easier. For example, if you were building a home to include an office space, you would locate a port there, but also map out rooms that would most likely contain Smart TVs and games consoles, to allow the children to play their online games without complaining about how slow the Wi-Fi is! 

Make sure your internet isn’t an afterthought; why not dedicate some space for a small, discrete network cabinet?  It could be somewhere it won’t be seen by visitors or touched by the kids. Your new comms cabinet will be the heart of the network. Network cabling can get a little tricky, but our network specialists can help make this effortless for you. Your network distribution point, containing your switch, cabling and router, will look a little bit like an internal post box. If networking is done prior to your plasterboard going in, you’ll never have to worry about terrible trunking again!  

For an amazing “plug ‘n’ play” WIFI solution, we can run cables from your network distribution point to strategic locations around the building to provide a smashing wireless signal everywhere you go. In a home, this would mean not having to worry about taking your laptop from the office to the living room for a more comfortable seat; you could walk from one end of the building to the other without ever losing your connection. In a school, this would enable pupils to use devices in corridors or the school hall etc. Provided for by a single cable, your new WiFi access points could be installed in ceilings, walls or attic spaces. WiFi access points come in a variety of shapes, sizes, strengths and ranges and can be tailored exactly to your needs.  

In an ideal world, your new networking solution would be complete around the same time as you say goodbye to your electrician. Even if the paint’s dry, at whichever stage you find yourself, we can help with property networking solutions. We can provide network cable to all types of constructions and developments. Whatever your needs, our team of professionals can help and arrange a free site survey. You can give us a call on 01437700701 and speak to one of our friendly team about your requirements.