Is a new CCTV system worth the cost?

CCTV camera outside
Bradley Flood

Bradley Flood

Even in 2021, many businesses are still without a CCTV system, prioritising other areas of investment. But CCTV has evolved hugely from the blurred/fuzzy images you may have seen in a 1990s episode of Crimewatch! CCTV systems are now used by a variety of businesses for varying reasons, not simply for security purposes, although security remains a top priority. So, why might you need a CCTV system?

Is your premises unoccupied?

2020 was an extremely challenging year for us all, with multiple lockdowns which have rolled into this year. This has led to many businesses being left unmanned for long periods, with expensive equipment and assets left unattended, drawing the eyes and ideas of opportunists. Leaving your business premises unmanned, without surveillance, could mean a very upsetting return to work.

Just seeing CCTV installed externally at your premises will deter opportunistic types, and the installation of just a few cameras could give you peace of mind in these uncertain times and beyond, knowing that you have reduced your risk of a costly security breach. A quality CCTV system will give you fantastic HD or 4K images, providing you and your business with the best opportunity to deter or capture any criminal activity, in or around your premises.

What about the safety of you and your employees?

Depending on the manner of your business/industry, you could be at risk of serious accidents in the workplace. It is useful to have CCTV as a means of returning to the event to help establish cause. Do you have other businesses visiting your workplace? The surveillance of visitors, especially with new social distancing and PPE rules, means you can ensure your employees and the people who come into your business, are acting in compliance with the law.

Is CCTV worth the cost?

A better question might be: is the risk of NOT having CCTV worth the cost? Options vary hugely with a CCTV system, depending on the number/type of cameras you wish to install. For instance, if you were looking for a system to monitor traffic to your premises, you could opt for a basic CCTV camera, casting an eye over who enters and exits. Alternatively, you could go further and get Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras installed. ANPR is now commonly preferred, with its ability to read number plates of passing vehicles and being able to feed them to a database for later use (which can be kept for weeks or months). These cameras can trigger an alert if they detect unwanted registrations or even automatically open an electronic gate for certain vehicles!

How much is a new CCTV system these days?

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to CCTV. There are entry-level systems available for self-installation which offer a very limited standard of protection – perhaps the sort of system you’ll find on Amazon or eBay – or there are professionally installed solutions which come with all the bells and whistles. Our advice would be to invite at least 2 separate, reputable companies to quote for the work and choose the one which offers the most comprehensive system. Be cautious of anybody offering a fixed price for CCTV installation without conducting a site survey first, and do ask questions about how they can look after the system on an ongoing basis once the installation is finished.

Is CCTV right for you?

It’s all down to what you feel you need for your business. Do you need to secure your workplace? Do you need to make sure everyone is keeping safe? Do you want that peace of mind? If this is something you are considering, please get in touch and we can arrange for our expert team to visit you and discuss your CCTV options.