Monthly Payments: Why lease a phone system?

Anthony Crowdie

Anthony Crowdie

Sometimes, upgrading your business telephone system might be crucial in order to keep things ticking over – but what if you can’t afford the upfront cost of a new system in one go?

You may have already heard of business leasing – in fact, you may already have equipment on a lease – but did you know that you can now hire your business telephone or CCTV system from us? We provide brand new systems, custom-designed for you, but without the upfront cost. Through our finance partner Grenke, you could make monthly or quarterly payments for your new system over 3, 4 or 5 years – removing the upfront capital investment and introducing easy-to-manage, cashflow-friendly payments.

There are 2 positives to leasing a system this way – firstly, if you’d prefer to own your system – that’s fine. We can transfer the title of the system over to you after the payment period is completed. Secondly, if you’re somebody who prefers to get the latest products with the best features, you could hand back the system after the payment term and we can get you set up on a new one. This gives a great deal of flexibility and means that you’ll always have the most up-to-date system you can.

Leasing also has tax benefits – ask your accountant for details.

We can now lease any of our phone or CCTV systems so it’s worth getting a rate to see if it suits you – give us a call and we can go through the options.