Number Crunching: Stats from 2017

Man looking at old style telephone
Anthony Crowdie

Anthony Crowdie

Now that Christmas and New Year have come and gone, the tree is back up in the attic and the festive hold music has been changed back to normal, we’ve been looking at some of our key numbers for 2017. Our call platform was busier than ever before, with more West Wales businesses switching to us and bringing their lines back home to Wales.

Here are the headlines:

Calls processed through our system – 175583
Busiest month – November
Quietest month – January
Total talk time – 481465 minutes
Busiest weekday – Tuesday
Quietest weekday – Monday
Busiest day of year – Wednesday 6th September
Quietest day of year – Christmas Day (only 2 calls!)

We were quite surprised by some of these stats – especially with Monday being the quietest day of the week! We did think that Christmas Day would be quiet, but with only 2 calls even we were shocked!

Given that January is clearly the quietest month of the year for most, is it time for you to have a think about your ICT systems and get things upgraded before the silly season starts? Give us a call – we’ll be pleased to help.