Top 10 reasons to move to VoIP now!

VoIP Telephone
Anthony Crowdie

Anthony Crowdie

If you’re looking at changing your phone lines or telephone system in the near future, you’ve probably come across phrases like VoIP and Cloud Phone. We’re VoIP experts and we’ve got 10 great reasons for you to consider switching your lines sooner rather than later!

1 – Significant Cost Savings

With VoIP and an IP Telephone System, the same wiring network is used for all devices – be they phones, computers, network printers and servers. This means we don’t have to install special cabling just for your phones. VoIP calls are cheaper than analogue or digital calls and system maintenance is generally cheaper month-on-month. Businesses making regular international or long-distance calls can also benefit from using VoIP lines connected directly to the other country – i.e., no more international calling fees!

2 – Ease of Installation

We’ve refined the installation process for our IP Phone Systems to the point where we can normally install most small-medium deployments in a few short hours. The use of IP technology means we can set up, program and test the system before we ever bring it to your premises – meaning we just have to plug it in when we get there and give it one last test! Very rarely do we have to undertake any messy or complicated works when upgrading an existing system.

3 – Easier to Manage

We can manage all of our phone system deployments remotely. This means that all of our clients (from Rice Plumbing & Heating in Ammanford to Hangar 5 Trampoline Park in Haverfordwest) can rest safe in the knowledge that we’re constantly working ‘behind the scenes’ to make sure their telephone system is safe, secure and up-to-date. We can roll out new features and make configuration changes without ever needing to visit site. This means no call-out fees and no ‘dial in’ charges when the clocks change or when staff members leave/join.

4 – Less Wiring!

The IP phones we deploy connect between your existing computer and its network port, sharing the connection between both devices. Our phones support PoE (Power over Ethernet) which means that, in most cases, your phones won’t even need a power cord! This means there is less cabling to maintain and wiring can be changed between different devices in future with no fuss.

5 – No more proprietary vendor lock-in!

Traditional digital phone systems will lock you in to buying handsets and other devices from the same manufacturer. For example, an Aastra or Panasonic system could only use Aastra or Panasonic handsets and if anything went wrong with the phones, only Aastra or Panasonic parts could be used. With VoIP and IP systems, phones are based on the SIP technology which is common across most VoIP devices. This means you can change your phones, door phones, conference phones and paging systems to any brand you please and they will just ‘work’ – without ever needing to change the central phone system!

6 – Empowerment to deliver better service

Efficiency and Customer Service are two of our favourite things. We love helping our own customers, and helping them to help theirs! As IP phones are based on the same technology as existing computer data applications, integration between phones and computers is now possible. This means that your CRM system can automatically pop-open a customer’s account when they phone you so you know who’s calling before you even pick up! You can click-to-call from Outlook or from most other e-mail programs and have voicemail messages e-mailed to you, wherever you are in the world!

7 – Scalable

Historically, taking on new staff members has been somewhat of a communications nightmare. Simply adding them to the phone system involved a site survey, installation visit and mess & noise whilst the engineer drilled new holes to run a cable through the building. With VoIP, phones can be deployed using the existing cabling – usually for the cost of the phone itself! We pre-configure our additional phones to ‘plug and play’ so your new staff member can be up and running almost immediately. Phones can also be moved around the building with no wiring changes necessary – simply unplug, move and plug back in. Providing it’s on the same network as before, it’ll just pick up where it left off!

8 – Enterprise feature set

Older phone systems would have you paying extra ‘licence’ fees and ‘feature setup’ charges if you wanted to add voicemail, auto-attendant or ring groups to your phone system. Sometimes these features required hardware changes which involved un-affordable downtime to your communication system. With our VoIP phone systems, we can change or add features remotely without ever needing to visit the site – so we can make your Voicemail, IVR, Reporting and Queuing systems work quickly and effectively!

9 – Remote Working and Multi-Site

For businesses with home workers or more than one office, we can link several phone systems together to create one big communications ‘mesh’. This means each user in the company will have a different extension number which can be dialled, internally, from anywhere on the same mesh. The internet is used to route these point-to-point calls so internal calls remain free – whether your remote office is in the spare bedroom at home or at your second office in Australia!

10 – Easier to use, harder to break!

Do you remember when office phones used to come with a 40-page manual on how to dial, transfer and answer calls? With modern-day VoIP phones, this is eliminated. We hand-pick the best and most suitable phones for each of our customers before configuring them with ease-of-use in mind. Simple features such as speed dial and call forward are enabled if requested, and we disable any confusing or unnecessary features you don’t need. Users don’t have access to the internal workings of the phone meaning that only authorised and trained staff can change settings. The phone system itself is completely locked-down and it’s not possible to change line, queue or programming settings from the handset. All-in-all, VoIP phones are a safe and simple option for any business looking to improve their communication setup!