Top Tech Father’s Day Gifts

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Sophie Palmer

Sophie Palmer

Get the beers ready, it will soon be Father’s Day! Rather than ‘surprising’ Pa with another pair of Star Wars socks or an etched ‘Best Dad’ pint glass, why not treat him this year and splash out on a tech gift to really remind him of why you are his favourite child?! Here’s our list of five fab tech/gadget gifts we think will help give you the top spot in the sibling rankings.  

  1. USB Rechargeable Lighter: perfect for when Dad needs to spark up the barbie, this lighter has a 360-degree bendable neck and neck length of 4.13 inches to really get those coals lit! Eliminate the scramble in Dad’s Drawer of Doom for matches and avoid any singed thumbs (part and parcel of conventional lighter use on a BBQ) with this shiny toy. The lighter is fully rechargeable and can ignite more than 500 times per charge, making it more environmentally friendly too, so Dad can be an eco-hero to boot! 

USB Rechargeable Candle Lighter – Electric Arc lighter with LED Light & Long Flexible Neck Perfect for Candle|Camping|BBQ|Cooking: Kitchen & Home 

  1. LED Umbrella: whether gifted for reasons of safety or just glorious geekiness, these LED umbrellas are seriously snazzy! With 7 LED colours to choose from, Dad can channel his inner Darth Vader by sporting a red handle which, with a click of a button, can rapidly be switched to green if his mood becomes more Luke-like. There’s even a flashlight function by means of a small, inbuilt torch, positioned at the bottom of the handle. You can really light up Dad’s life with this one!! 

LED Umbrella, Black Men Golf Umbrella with 7 Color Changing Shaft Torch. (A Black): Luggage 

  1. UV Phone/Keys/ etc Steriliser Box: could prove to be a popular gift, given the current climate; with up to 6.5 inches of steriliser space, Dad can keep the germs and nasties at bay with this portable and compact little gadget. The clever device has an ultraviolet sterilisation lamp that can quickly and safely kill 99% of the dust on keys, pens, sunglasses etc in just a few minutes! So, you’ll be able to sleep easy knowing that your dad’s personal items aren’t harbouring any unwanted bugs! 

UV Cell Phone Sterilizer- 4 in 1 Phone UV Light Sanitizer Portable Cellphone Cleaner Box Function Smart Phone Disinfector for iPhone Android Phones Toothbrush Jewelry Watches Uv Sterilizer Box: Lighting 

  1. Tile Bluetooth Item Finder: the antidote to an aging mind (but don’t say that to Dad), this ultra-handy little piece of tech will help Dad effortlessly find the car key that slipped under the sofa cushion, or the laptop case that was dragged beneath the bed by the dog. To locate his lost item, Dad simply needs to use the Tile app which will ring any Tile within 400ft. When outside of Bluetooth range, the Tile app allows Dad to view his Tile’s most recent location or enlist the safe and anonymous help of the Tile Network. These can also be purchased in ‘stick-on’ form so Dad really could Tile anything – even Mum on a busy Saturday at John Lewis! (Enter our Facebook competition to WIN one of these!) 

Tile Pro (2020) Bluetooth Item Finder, 1 Pack, Black. 120m finding range, 2 year battery, works with Alexa and Google Smart Home. iOS and Android Compatible. Find your Keys, Remotes & More.: Electronics 

  1. Bose Frames: this one really is a splurge, but we think it’s a dead cert to guarantee you Dad favours for life! Super stylish and high tech, these audio shades made ‘Time’s Best Inventions of 2019’ list and with very good reason: Open Ear Audio Technology; polycarbonate, polarised interchangeable lenses; up to 5.5hrs of play per charge with advanced beam-forming microphone array so that Dad can even take calls through these bad boys. They’re not cheap, but you pay for quality and innovation – this is the Father’s Day gift to rule them all! 

              Rectangular Bluetooth® Audio Sunglasses | Bose 

NB. This blog isn’t sponsored, and we haven’t road-tested these items, we just think they look pretty cool and might put you in your Dad’s good books!