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Why choose VoIP over traditional phone lines?

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Anthony Crowdie

Anthony Crowdie

VoIP technology is becoming increasingly popular with small business owners in Pembrokeshire, but why choose it over more traditional ISDN or analogue lines?

VoIP routes voice conversations over a computer network and/or the internet. Computer networks were historically used to carry information between computers in an office, the internet and printers (for example) but now it is possible to add your voice traffic onto the same network and reap the benefits of this advanced technology. VoIP is as reliable as traditional, analogue telephony but is often considerably cheaper, more flexible and easier to deploy. VoIP devices (such as IP Phones) transmit voice packets over a data network.

To give an example, the current BT Line Rental for 1 single analogue telephone line (which supports 1 call at a time) is £16.90/month + VAT. We’re able to offer a VoIP line for £5.99/month + VAT – £11 saving PCM – but the VoIP line supports multiple calls at once. You could have 10 inbound and 10 outbound calls running concurrently using your VoIP line and you wouldn’t pay a penny more in line rental. This is how our customers are saving thousands of pounds year-on-year!

VoIP lines can also integrate with traditional telephony, so you can have a local telephone number routing to your VoIP setup and nobody will know the difference. You can dial in and out as if the system were any other, safe in the knowledge that the ‘behind the scenes’ workings are saving you money every day. VoIP also enables you to use a number of services which your analogue provider would normally charge extra for – such as call forwarding/diversion, call blocking, ‘Do Not Disturb’ and Caller ID.

If you’re considering moving your business to VoIP, or if you’d like a bit more information about how it works, just let us know. We’ll be happy to help!

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