Why does my CCTV system need maintenance?

CCTV Camera
Anthony Crowdie

Anthony Crowdie

At West Wales Systems, we’re experienced installers of HD IP CCTV systems in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. We work with our customers to ensure that images captured are of optimum quality and that cameras are deployed in the best strategic locations.

Any new system we install is certified by our engineers as being fit-for-purpose and our customers consistently tell us that the image quality is far superior to basic domestic and analogue systems. But – what keeps the cameras in top form?

It’s no secret that the weather in West Wales can play a huge part in most things, especially with technology devices installed outside. Any CCTV camera exposed to the elements is at risk of damage through wind or obstruction by the simplest of things (i.e. a spider!). It’s important that your CCTV system is maintained so that it continues to function properly, faults are taken care of swiftly and so that cameras are looked after to prolong their lives.

We undertake maintenance of our customers’ CCTV cameras on a regular basis, both remotely and on-site. We ensure that our systems are functioning correctly to ensure that the images recorded are as sharp as they were on installation day. It’s a false economy not to sign up to CCTV system maintenance – you could end up paying through the nose if your camera system does not catch cruicial moments such as a theft or insurance event.

There you have it! That’s why your CCTV system needs to be properly looked after by an expert team who understand what it takes to keep your systems running smoothly.