Why is now the time to invest in my guest WiFi?

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Anthony Crowdie

Anthony Crowdie

Whether you’re running a B&B, hotel, caravan park or campsite – you’ve probably noticed the trend. Nowadays one of the first things people ask for when they cross the threshold is the WiFi password! 

Despite the advances in 4G (soon to be 5G) technology, Free WiFi is still the #1 service guests look for when booking a stay. With data consumption on the rise day after day, it’s now more important than ever that accommodation providers give the guests what they’re looking for – fast, reliable WiFi. To be clear – we are not talking about simply giving guests the WiFi password for your home broadband router – as this is a total legal minefield and a poor gesture in general (domestic WiFi routers just aren’t designed to come with demanding guests). No, we’re talking about a professional, cost-effective and potentially revenue generating system which will serve your customers for years to come. But why is now the best time to upgrade?

  1. Time of year – with tourism in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire being as seasonal as it is, we know that now is the best time of year to get the wheels in motion. You could be up and running by February half term or Easter.
  2. Get good reviews – it’s often said that accommodation providers live or die by TripAdvisor these days, and if you’re not providing WiFi you could be missing out. Guests rarely leave 5-star reviews for someone who hasn’t delivered on all expectations!
  3. Legal and fair – if you’re just giving out the password to your Home Hub, you could be responsible for what your guests download. Professional systems block harmful websites and ensure your guests all get fair use of the system whilst ensuring GDPR compliance.
  4. Marketing data – start the new year properly by using WiFi to collect marketing data from your guests. Keep customers loyal and gain an understanding of how often they return.
  5. Profit – some of our customers earn in excess of £10,000 per month from their WiFi system! If you properly invest in a service which really delivers, you’ll be surprised how much people are willing to pay.

In 2019, more Brits than ever are booking staycations in the UK because of the unknown impact of Brexit. Only 12% of us say they’re happy to ‘switch off’ when on holiday – meaning that as many as 88% of your guests are expecting good WiFi. If you use this season to make meaningful, lasting relationships with your customers you could sow the seed for better loyalty in years to come. 

How does installation work?

Get in touch and we’ll arrange a free site survey to look at your options – no 2 WiFi systems are the same and we’ll want to have a good understanding of your needs and expectations before we put pen to paper. Installation could take anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks based on current lead times and we’ll do as much as we can without causing mess, noise or disruption to you or your guests.

How much does a good WiFi system cost?

This is one of those ‘piece of string’ questions and the answer depends entirely on your industry, the physical layout, what you expect, what your customers expect and so on. We’ll be able to provide a full and detailed quotation following a 30-minute site survey at your convenience.

We’ll guide you through the whole process!