Why Upgrade Your Old Computer?

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Ashton Mortimer

Ashton Mortimer

As I am sure you are aware, dogs age far faster than humans. A ten-year-old dog is the equivalent age of a seventy-year-old human. It’s a similar case with laptops and desktop computers.  

Although you may not have noticed anything wrong with your 3-year-old laptop, an old laptop can cause a few issues – issues that have gradually occurred over time so you never even see them. You are likely missing out on the reliability and speed that a newer computer will provide you with; an upgrade allows you to utilise the ten to fifteen minutes spent waiting for your old computer to start up every morning, enabling you to streamline your business. 

More often than not, your laptop will start to slow down after a few years without any obvious explanation other than age. 

So why do laptops get slower? 

Firstly, RAM. The memory requirements for computers increase over time; as apps get updated and have new features added they become more and more demanding on your CPU. For example, a few years ago, 4GB of RAM was the bee’s knees but now 4GB will just about allow you to run your operating system and a web browser like Google Chrome. You will soon find it just isn’t enough. 

Secondly, BloatBloating is caused by multiple apps running in the background. Applications like Teams, Spotify, and other messaging apps tend to run in the background to give you notifications and alerts. As a result of this, your laptop slows down and could possibly fail to work. 

Finally, Storageif the storage space on your hard drive is coming to full capacity, problems will soon arise. Operating systems require temporary hard drive storage in order to keep running. You will also find that switching from old spinning disk drives to a more modern SSD storage (storage with no moving parts) will make your computer run more smoothly, giving you a more streamlined experience.  

As the saying goes, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, and it’s the same with your computer. As your computer gets older, it will be left behind by the newest tech/software updates and you will be potentially missing out on important new features and software to keep your laptop safe.  Old tech can be a security risk – the newest security updates will be included with your newly purchased computer. If your old laptop or PC can’t keep up with updates, you will be left vulnerable to cyber-attacks and malware, potentially harming your business or losing personal or financial data. 

If you have slow, old computers and are in need of a device refresh, or are simply in need of advice on what sort of specifications would work best for you, please contact us at [email protected] or call us on 01437 700701. We look forward to hearing from you!