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Installing a VoIP phone system in your business is the most efficient and cost-effective way to:

  • Improve customer service
  • Prevent missed calls and busy tones
  • Enhance efficiency with reduced handling times
  • Control costs with cost-effective calling plans.

West Wales Systems will design a completely bespoke VoIP solution for your business, expertly crafted by our in-house technical specialists to help you meet your goals.

Solutions for any business - whatever your size or type.

We’re the most trusted provider of telephone systems in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire for a good reason – from small, home-based start-ups through to global industry giants, our solutions keep businesses of all shapes and sizes talking 24/7/365.

Whether you’re looking for a simple VoIP system to make handling phone calls easier and cheaper or a large, on-premises system to run telecoms across multiple sites, we’ll help you find the most flexible and future-proof solution.

The best handsets you've ever used.

We exclusively use telephone handsets from the world’s leading manufacturers. This means:

  • Superb audio quality with HD phone calls
  • Practical and easy-to-use phones for any environment and skill level
  • Ruggedised cordless phones you can drop, throw and submerge without causing damage
  • Long-lasting and reliable phones designed to last 10 years or more

Following our FREE site survey, we’ll recommend the perfect phones to match your needs.

Call data you can actually use.

If you don’t know your numbers, how can you measure your success?

We’ll give you access to a range of tools to help you manage your incoming calls on-the-fly. We can provide wall-mounted ‘call waiting’ displays and our intuitive historical reporting suite will help you understand trends.


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We provide outstanding telecoms services to hundreds of Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshrie businesses.

We have used West Wales Systems to provide an IP based telephone system for one of our teams who predominantly work remotely.

The team worked quickly and provided a solution to our needs within budget and with the option to scale the system in the future as our needs change.

Professional service and good value - thank you!

Just had our first monthly bill as a West Wales Systems business customer. After 18 years with BT, I can’t believe we’ve wasted so much time and money with a company who don’t care anymore, we should have switched years ago... We’re now paying 1/3 of what we were paying with BT!

A very professional company, the install was seamless and everything worked first time with minimal downtime.

Recommended to all.

We engaged West Wales Systems to install VoIP phones and Wi-Fi across 10 holiday cottages and our main activity centre. With 400 year old buildings and multiple access points required it wasn't a simple job. But the team took it in their stride and we have not looked back. Our staff and guests are able to access secure and fast Wi-Fi with ease. Their out of hours support service is fast and they have been able to get us up and running again whenever (rare) issues occur.
Highly recommended.

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Matthew Norman
Learning Coordinator
Pembrokeshire College


Natasha Fyfe
Managing Director


Sarah Haden
Clyne Farm Centre


VoIP is a technology that allows us to make phone calls over an existing internet connection, rather than through a traditional analogue or digital phone line. It’s far more flexible and cost-effective than traditional phone lines were.

The technology has transformed telecoms in the UK (and indeed globally), and Openreach are now in the process of decommissioning the old UK analogue phone network in favour of VoIP. 

We’ve been almost exclusively installing VoIP solutions since 2014. Given that our network handles tens of millions of phone calls each year, you’ve probably already used our services without realising!

In a word, excellent. You will usually find that calls are a lot clearer than before, with no background hum or crackles. Calls between West Wales Systems customers (and there are a lot of them) are higher in quality again, as we can handle the call without it ever leaving our network.

VoIP services are known to be cheaper than traditional analogue/digital lines in most cases – certainly with recent Openreach price rises taken into account!

In honesty, you can find some very cheap VoIP deals online (and indeed our own pricing is incredibly competitive) – but price shouldn’t be your main concern when it comes to your business’ main lines of communication. Remember the old adage that you get what you pay for!

Our VoIP service isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution – we’ll chat with you and get to understand your business before recommending the best way forward.

We regularly hear of businesses being asked to sign 5 or even 7-year deals for their telecoms. Our simple advice regarding this is don’t do it! Who knows what technology will look like in 5 years’ time? Do you really want to commit your business to a solution which might not be relevant further down the line?

We ask clients to sign a 12-month agreement (never longer) so we can offer you the best rates. We do, however, offer 60-day terms where there is a business need (i.e. if you aren’t sure about what infrastructure you will need in the medium term) – this might cost a little more, though, as it’s a little more risky for us.

We don’t limit the number of concurrent calls our clients can make or receive. This is different to most UK providers who charge for ‘channels’ (akin to the ‘lines’ of analogue phones). 

On a practical level, this means that you could have every VoIP phone in your business being used at the same time, without having to pay for them all to have their own channels/lines. 

If you receive more incoming calls than you have phones, we can set up a call queue or voicemail system to handle this.

No – in fact, there are far fewer limitations than you’d have with tradititional analogue or ISDN lines!

The only thing you need to bear in mind is that your internet service will need to be online for VoIP to work, but that’s no different to making sure that an old on-premises PBX phone system stayed on. We can supply backup battery systems and 4G failovers if necessary.

If you already have a phone number or numbers, you will more than likely be able to bring them across to our VoIP service without disruption. This is a process known as ‘porting’ (which we’re really good at).

If you don’t have a phone number or you need a new one, we can provide these too – from any area code in the UK and not just those in West Wales. We can also provide national numbers like 03 or 08 numbers, or even international numbers if you have overseas customers.

We’ll be happy to walk you through the process!

Yes, we are able to switch on call recording for your calls – be they inbound, outbound or internal-only. Most of our clients hold call recordings for 30 days, after which they are deleted automatically (unless there is a specific reason not to). You can also have access to an online portal where you can search and download recordings.

There is some specific legislation around this, though, so we recommend you to take a look at the Data Protection Act and GDPR as a minimum. Our team can advise on the technicalities of call recording, but not the legalities.

Absolutely – this is included free of charge and we’ll do all the setup for you.

We recommend you think about what you would like your messaging to say, and how you can make it easier for callers to get through to the right person. We’ll be happy to advise you along the way.

Yes, you’ll need some sort of fairly decent internet connection for your VoIP phones to work. Depending on how many phones you need, and where they are located, we’ll be happy to advise you whether your existing connection is suitable.

You can take your VoIP phones anywhere in the world with a broadband connection, and they’ll work just like they are here in West Wales – including keeping the same phone number and the ability to dial internally for free!

If you’re going anywhere hot and sunny with cheap flights, our engineering team might offer to pop out and ‘check everything’s working’ once or twice…

Sure – many of our clients forward calls to mobiles, or to another branch, or even to an external answering company from time to time. We can set this up for you or you can do it via your handset.

Yes – with just a headset, you will be able to log into your VoIP service from any compatible web browser (i.e. Chrome, Edge, Firefox). If you work from home more permanently and would like to enjoy the benefits of having your own desk phone, these can also be taken home and plugged in to your router.

We’re experts when it comes to handling large volumes of call traffic. Our systems power some of the largest businesses in West Wales – including some GP surgeries who take thousands of calls a day, as you can imagine.

Unlike other providers, we don’t sell ‘channels’ (money for old rope) – so you won’t pay any more whether you take 1 call a day or 1000. If you take a lot of calls, our senior telecoms consultant will be happy to meet with you to design and optimise your call flow including things like reassuring messaging and call queueing strategies.

Unlike most VoIP ‘providers’ locally, we aren’t simply reselling the services of large UK companies like BT or Gamma. We own and operate our own VoIP telecoms network which means that we have the flexibility and freedom to offer you:

  • Brilliant, market-leading pricing
  • No long contracts
  • Very attractive calling bundles
  • The ability to choose phones from any manufacturer, not just the ones we have agreements with
  • Customisation of the system/reports if you need a specific piece of information
  • No concurrent call limits
  • and more!

You’ll also receive a clear and detailed bill at the start of every month and, if you have other services with us, we’ll condense everything onto one invoice to help reduce your workload.

We really are the VoIP experts in West Wales!

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